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Could The SteelSeries Arctis 3 Be The Best Gaming Headset?

Steelseries have released their Arctis 3. Personally, I believe this could the game changer when it comes to headsets, as it has every feature all of the competitors have but it has more. This headset is so comfortable I believe I could wear it all day long, not long is it comfy though, it comes with a sleek matte design that is very appealing when combined with some LED lights on my large gaming desktop.

The cushion lining the top frame is very comfortable and gives good head support. The overhead headphones do not cause discomfort after extended use, which I find surprising as I run into this issue with other headsets quite often. If I compare the Arctis 3 with the Razer headsets, I would say that the Arctis 3 is in a completely different league. The cups that line your ear are made from soft fabric keeping your ears cushioned, supported and comfortable for the entire duration of your gaming session.

steelseries arctis 3When it comes to gaming headsets there really is no better person to ask than the owner of, this man has been a hardcore gamer for many years, and he knows his way around different gaming peripherals. We asked him for his opinion on the Arctis 3 and he stated “This to me is the best gaming headset hands-down”, now he’s not an easy person to impress(trust me we’ve tried offering him samples of our headsets only be denied) and if he says the Arctis 3 is a great headset then we’ve got to take his word for it.

The sound quality┬áis impeccable, I’ve not experienced such high-quality sound out of such a reasonably priced headset. The quality is comparable to Bose and other luxury audio brands. The microphone sensitivity is perfectly adjusted to be able to hear you at a decent range, whilst not picking up all the background noise in your room, you won’t have to scream or shout, and you won’t have to worry about not being heard.

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